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I guess I meant speeding up!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wow, was I wrong about industry blogs slowing down, as is witnessed by today's load of links.

Also, don't forget that you've got a little over a week left to get your holiday gift!!

The promised links:

Agent Kristin Nelson on the latest publishing dust-up plus more answers to reader questions (and the questions are really good!)

Jessica Faust on needing/having different agents for different genres

Guy Gavriel Kay talks about how book reviewing has changed (Yay for bloggers!!)

Rachel Aaron has a really lovely post up about the ever-changing nature of writing -- "Books are like forests. When seen from the road or on maps they appear contained, green blocks squeezed in between fields, but when you’re lost in one and the sun is sinking, nothing feels larger or more overwhelming. This is how I feel sometimes when I write: lost in something that looked so sure and easy, fumbling, feeling like I’m going the right way but never sure."

Great post by Will Hindmarch on Worrying Out Of Order -- "spend so much time reading about the future of media, about the death of publishing and the fate of authors, about what the writer’s career may look like in the next few years, that I’ve forgotten where I have the most control over my fate: at the keyboard."

Booksquare on what will save publishing