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Friday, December 04, 2009

Wow, I had no idea so many of you like hybrids too! (My husband was very happy about that, btw--he's been driving a Prius for years, so he was all, "Your blog readers are awesome!" to which I said, "Of course they are!" And you are, you know!)


Pimp My Novel on what factors influence how many copies of a book are purchased by the chains, independents, and the big box stores: part one and part two -- The main thing about these two posts, I think, is pointing out that a lot of what factors into selling in is completely out of your control, but if you want to be published/are about to be published/and/or don't know what things like co-op, comp titles, and P&L are, then do yourself a favor and read these posts. It's important to know about the industry and Pimp My Novel is one of the best blogs out there about it.

Normally, young adult novels get a fair amount of time on bookstore shelves--but this is not the case of adult books, which usually have three months to either succeed or get returned. J.C. Hutchins writes very candidly about the first month of his book's "life," and what's happened in it. -- "And how is the book doing? If you’re an aspiring novelist, or have a book coming out soon, prepare for a revelation. If you’re a published author, feel free to sagely nod along."

Editorial Ass on what you can--and what your should--expect from your agent

Author John C. Wright on writing advice

Agent Jessica Faust on writers and the writing process

Finally, over at Storytellers Unplugged, three excellent editing tips -- The first one, in particular, is one I take to heart very strongly. (My books normally lose about 30-40% of what I've written from first to final draft)