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what a week! plus--do you want a book trailer making contest or a chat? Let me know!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Things have been a little crazy for me this week--my dad got super sick on Monday night--he was having trouble breathing--and had to go to the emergency room. He's okay now (it turned out to be an allergic reaction to some cold medicine he'd bought plus a really nasty secondary lung infection from the cold) but it was really scary. I know he's feeling better now, though, because when I suggested that maybe he might want to think about about moving (he and my mom still live where I grew up, which is *still* in the middle of nowhere--once in a while I google map it and just stare at all the green) he said, "Why? So I can sit in traffic all the time? No, thank you. I like looking out my windows and seeing cows, not other houses."

And that's my dad. Him and his cows, I swear!

Okay, enough about me--well, one last thing:

Which would you rather have--a book trailer making contest for The Unwritten Rule (the person who made the book trailer I liked most would win stuff) or a release day chat? I know, I know, I asked about this already, but I really want to know what you think!

There, now I'm done with me. Moving on to links:

This came out on Monday and I'm shocked it hasn't been talked about more--it's a big deal when a house (in this case, Dorchester) sells their backlist (and some of their frontlist, or upcoming titles) to another house. A very big deal.

The Intern talks about teen writers

On how, if you are published, you will likely have more than one editor --- it's very true. I know some of you have heard this before, but Bloom actually sold to one editor, who then left, and then the second editor got transferred to another division before the book (and me!) finally landed with editor number three--who I adore, and who I've been lucky enough to have as my Pulse editor ever since. But up until editor number three, I was a mess because between leaving my first agent and being orphaned twice, I was feeling pretty nervous. (By which I mean VERY nervous!)

How to kill a writing career -- a tongue-in-cheek but quite solid list of things that will most definitely not endear you to an agent, editor, or publisher.

A post from Dystel and Goderich about query letters and rejection and the importance of trying. It was inspired by this post, It's Not About The Odds, which has a tiny, four question quiz about your writing and industry knowledge in a very, very good post about--well, the odds of being published.

Editor Cheryl Klein writes about query letters and provides an example of one that worked for her (with extensive annotations as to why)

A blogger who works for the new St. Martin's line on why manuscripts are rejected

Agent Jessica Faust on bad agents and why you shouldn't query about querying

Pimp My Novel on The Importance of Negative Reviews

Interesting little look at the pros and cons of writing a series

Finally, how about some browned butter shortbread or reverse whoopie pies? Yummy!!


Blogger Alexa said...

Glad your Dad is feeling better.

Thanks for all the links, especially to the shortbread :)

January 13, 2010 1:06 PM  
Blogger Erica said...

I would love a release day chat! I have no talent whatsoever with trailers, and release day chats are always so much fun!

January 13, 2010 5:12 PM  
Blogger barbrafl said...

I'm so glad everything is okay again, it worried me to know he was sick. Making trailers would be fun, though I don't know too much about the book and that would be hard. I would still love to have a chat on release day.

January 13, 2010 5:39 PM  
Blogger Llehn said...

I'm glad your Dad is feeling much better.

I would love to attend a chat.

January 13, 2010 10:08 PM  
Blogger GreenBeanTeenQueen said...

I would love a release day chat! I love author chats because I live in SW MO where no author ever visits so I only get to do the online thing-or ALA.

January 14, 2010 1:10 PM  
OpenID niaraie said...

I like the idea of a chat

January 14, 2010 7:00 PM  
Blogger Genevieve said...

OOOhh, how about both? Trailer AND chat???

Well, if I have to pick ONE I'd pick trailer contest. I generally miss most online chats, I'm not the best at remembering dates (And I sometimes get the time wrong!). Because I could actually make a trailer, idk how good it would be but I could make one!r

January 15, 2010 1:18 PM  

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