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Friday, January 22, 2010

I'm so happy to say my first official author-in-residence* post is up at the readergirlz blog--YAY!! I had planned on answering fifteen of your questions, but the video ended up being super long, so I had to cut it down to five--but if you're interested in seeing my workspace, hearing about my writing rituals, learning about my writing "process," watch me discuss the best--and worst--reviews I've ever gotten and talk about why the concept of loss seems to figure into so much of my work, then head on over here.

Also! At the readergirlz blog, you can find out how to win a signed copy of any of my published books (hint: it's super easy--you all know how I am about contests!!)

Okay, on to the links:

Agent Kristin Nelson talks about what happened during the two-page writing workshop (see yesterday's entry for a link about the workshop itself)

If you read only one link today, make it this one: Cherie Priest's outstanding post on what an author can--and can't control. She also touches briefly, and very sensibly, on book piracy

The Intern is back with more reasons why you *don't* want to be published

Justine Musk on the importance of practice

* I will never, ever get tired of typing that! I grin every time I do! (How could I not??)


Blogger barbrafl said...

The video is so great, I feel as though I can know you better, and I do the same thing with my internet when I write, because distractions are everywhere!

January 22, 2010 11:47 AM  

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