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Don't forget the Spread The Word About The Unwritten Rule contest (now with even more prizes! Plus prizes for people who live outside the US!!!)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Don't forget to enter the Spread The Word About The Unwritten Rule contest!

Here's a quick recap:

I'll be giving away fifteen (yes, 15!) ARCs to one lucky US resident. Oh, AND your name will be mentioned in the acknowledgments of my 2011 book with Simon Pulse AND--if you want--you'll get a phone call from yours truly!

AND!! As of now, you'll also get TWENTY hardcover young adult novels as well--which means you could win THIRTY-FIVE books.



Now I'll also be giving out not one, not two, but THREE ARCs of The Unwritten Rule, and everyone is eligible to win those, no matter where you live!

How do you enter?


Tell people about The Unwritten Rule

How can you do that? Lots of ways!


--post the book cover and summary on your blog and let the world know you can't wait to read it! (you can get a copy of the book cover in small, medium, or large, and the summary is here)

-- post the book cover and summary on fb/myspace and let the world know you can't wait to read it!

--if you're read an ARC of the book, post a review on your blog and goodreads, librarything, etc.

--put the book cover up and/or say you're waiting for it, etc. in your facebook/myspace status

-- tell your friends to read my books or better yet, go and get them to pre-order The Unwritten Rule at your local bookstore (a pic of this would be SO amazing!!)

-- make a countdown widget for The Unwritten Rule and put it up on your blog! (or if you don't know how to/don't want to make one, you can use the one that's here)

--tweet about The Unwritten Rule (and yes, you can do this more than once, but don't tweet about it, like, a hundred times a day. Or even more than once every few days. In other words, tweeting isn't going to impress me nearly as much as doing other stuff, so don't go overboard with it)

--whatever other ways you can think of to get the word out and get people excited for The Unwritten Rule-- (create a petition to have me visit your school/library/fave bookstore to talk about the book/or do a signing/get your local library/school library to order a copy)

--use your imagination and go for it!(eta: and yes, links to pictures of what you've done are totally welcome!!)

Then, just tell me what you did in a comment and provide a link/links to what you've done. Also! Please post your email address so I can contact you if you win. Finally, please note that this blog entry* is the *only* place you can enter--no email entries, nothing through Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc.

Since this is a pretty big contest, I'm going to leave it open from today, February 9th through midnight EST on Tuesday, March 2th. (if you get a note saying your comment will need to be moderated don't worry--I *will* approve it!!)

Also, don't forget to be creative--I'd love to see someone organize a group bookstore visit to pre-order copies of the book. I love that you are mentioning the book on your blogs and all those other things, but there's plenty of real world stuff you can do too, so don't forget about that!

And that's it! I can't wait to see what you all do--I know you'll amaze me--and THANK YOU for helping to spread the word about The Unwritten Rule

*For those of you with feeds that strip out links, you leave your comment with what you've done to help spread the word here: http://elizabethwrites.com/blog/2010/02/spread-word-about-unwritten-rule-and.php

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