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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Apparently lots of people are thinking about--and blogging about publicity--this week. Check it out:

Pam Jenoff wonders about how authors should go about getting publicity -- "What works? How much should I do myself, or pay to have done? How much should I rely on outside help and, if so, what kind?

I suspect I’m not alone in my confusion and if I could find the answers, they might be worth more than the remuneration from actual writing. With each book release, I put forth my best efforts, beating the pavement from one bookstore or library event to the next, well or sparsely attended. I shake the trees of my alumni and regional publications, mill the Facebook network and mailing lists. But aside from the time that it takes (a whole third job, it seems on top of the day job and the writing), I’m aware that there is only so much I can do on my own."

Meanwhile, Pimp My Novel points out that while Twitter and Facebook are great, the one thing an author always needs to have is a website

And finally, Justine Lee Musk talks about how authors need to find ways to use social media in ways that make them feel comfortable and how building an author platform isn't a bad thing -- "Here’s the thing. An online author platform is about creating cool content and connecting with people. Does that really sound so horrible? Does that sound like a waste of time?"

Before I move on to the rest of today's links, can I just say that this year's weather is proving to be downright weird? It was almost fifty yesterday and now it's supposed to snow tomorrow! I tell you this: I am NOT looking forward to summer. I suspect it will be day upon day of scorching sunshine, which I'm not a fan of. (Hey, when you're pale, the sun is not your friend. I sometimes feel I've spent my entire life covered in SPF 25-50)

Oh! And there are now only SEVEN days left to enter the Spread The Word About The Unwritten Rule contest--so if you're working on something awesome (and I hope you are!) just don't forget to get that entry in!

And now, the rest of today's links:

Agent Jessica Faust has a query recap up -- for those of you looking to learn more about why agents accept or reject queries, these are always good to read

Agent Kristin Nelson has been doing a lot of thinking--and blogging--about e-books and she's got posts up about publishers holding reserves against returns for them and tying bonus clauses into print and e-book sales

If you are a teacher, or are in a book club that reads YA, or even if you and a bunch of friends want to get together and enter, you've still got time to enter the Simon Pulse Call Me contest, where the winner gets free books for their club/classroom/friends AND a call from an author.

Finally, a very lovely and very true blog post (at least in my opinion) on how you know you're a writer--"And I won’t do this because I’m virtuous, or because I have more discipline than someone else, or because I’m better at it than anyone. I’ll do it because I love it, because in spite of the cursing and the whining and the frustrations, it’s the only thing I want to do with my time....Know what I mean? Yeah, I thought so. You’re a writer, too.


Blogger Kat Werner said...

I agree that a good author site is helpful for me as a librarian when trying to find information about books. I also use TeenReads.com and Teensreadtoo.com to look for books, and publisher sites are a big one for me.

I used to love one publisher site that would list the books that were going to be published for the next few months, but then they changed the format and I hardly go to the site at all anymore.

And I know this must take so much money and time, but I love contests for publicity. If I even have the chance to win one book, I am willing to at least to check out the author/publisher's site/blog to see what I have to do and learn about the book I have a chance of winning.

February 24, 2010 12:44 PM  

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