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interview with Suzanne Young!

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

The Girlfriends' Cyber Circuit (GCC) is a webring of YA novelists, and I'm happy to be new member of it because I get to talk to other YA authors about their books--which, well, how awesome is that? (And I think we all know how much I love YA!)

Today, I was lucky enough to interview Suzanne Young about her new book, The Naughty List!

Me: Tell us about your book in ten words or less!

Suzanne: Group of cheerleaders who investigate cheating boyfriends. (quick comment from me--how awesome is that?? And there's even a website for the book, which is the first in a series, here)

Me: What's the best writing advice you've ever been given?

Suzanne: I’m a big fan of “Keep Writing.” If I would have stuck with my first book, I’d still be waiting. The Naughty List was my fifth book. And my latest sale—my 12th book.

Me: What do you wish you'd known about being published before your first book came out?

Suzanne: I wish I’d practiced in the mirror more. I’m about to go do my first reading—and I’m terrified!! What if I have a weird twitch that I’ve never noticed before?

Me: What's the last book you read that you loved so much you had to tell everyone about it?

Suzanne: I really loved Chasing Brooklyn by Lisa Schroeder. Oh, and Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles!

Me: What blogs do you *have* to read?

Suzanne: Most of my mornings are spent reading blogs! How to pick a favorite— well,I always check the Tenners on LJ and Alice Pope’s CWIM. Also, I have my friends all listed on my blog, so I stalk them daily.

Me: Random Bonus Question: What's your favorite salad dressing?

Suzanne: Pesto Ranch from The Spaghetti Factory. Mm…. spaghetti.


Isn't she great? Don't forget to check out The Naughty List and congrats to Suzanne for her latest sale, a novel called A Need So Beautiful, where a seventeen-year old finds out that by doing the good deeds that her body makes her, she will disappear into the Light and be forgotten -- but by fighting "the Need," what might happen could be even worse...


PS Is anyone else having awful problems with Blogger and ftp? I know they are getting rid of it, but for those of us who haven't moved yet, can't they give us the time they said they would???


Blogger Alexa said...

Great interview and great writing advice Suzanne, which I should follow :)

I can't wait to read THE NAUGHTY LIST it looks so much fun.

February 03, 2010 2:36 PM  

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