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changes, and The Unwritten Rule in stores?--show me your copy and win!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wow, have the past few days been crazy here re: site stuff. My fab site designer, Silas Dilworth, worked pretty much non-stop to get all the blogger ftp stuff taken care of and then my whole site had to be migrated to new servers at my hosting company--which naturally (why does this always happen? why?)--meant that a number of nifty things he'd done to help make the site easier for me to run broke. And he fixed all of them *and* the whole time he was doing it--the site was still up and running! Silas is usually booked--when you do the kind of great work he does, it's not a surprise--but if you are thinking of having a site built, check out his work, especially if you (like me!) like clean, simple, and fast-loading sites.

In other news, I'm hearing rumors that The Unwritten Rule is showing up in stores?! First person to post a picture of themselves with their copy*--showing the front and back (because the back? SO. PRETTY.)--here (or you can email me a picture of you with your copy at elizabeth at elizabethwrites dot com) gets a nifty little prize!

Oh! And today, I'll be doing my video blog about The Unwritten Rule for readergirlz, and many thanks go to Hannah and Just_Me 37, who both asked fab questions!


Maggie Stiefvater offers ten rules for query letters--and when a NYT best-selling author speaks (or rather, blogs!) about something like this, it's most definitely worth checking out!

Hey, guess what? Another newspaper has figured out that...gasp!...adults are reading YA!--although the idea isn't a shocker to any of us, there's still some great quotes in the article

Agent Jessica Faust on writing to an agent about an idea you have for a book (yes, this actually happens!) and why people who don't follow guidelines make things easier for those who do

A great post about something all writers worry about (at least the ones I know, including yours truly): productivity--I love this part: "....when you feel like your productivity is down, you may be counting the wrong kinds of progress."

And another post along that line, from someone who has a very interesting answer to the question lots of writers get: How Many Hours Do You Write Every Day?

Agent and author Nathan Bransford is wondering what writer's career you'd like to have--at over 200 answers so far--and still going!--there's plenty to check out.

*an ARC is not the book, so please don't send or post pictures of that