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hey there, March!

Monday, March 01, 2010

Well, it's March and that means the Spread The Word About The Unwritten Rule contest is almost over!! You've got until midnight EST tomorrow, March 2nd, to get your entry in for your chance to win--and see your name in print, get a phone call from me--and get 35 FREE books!!

So all of you who want to enter, now's your chance--just head over here, follow the instructions, and remember, I'm looking for something that makes me go WOW!!

Moving on, I've got some links to share:

Agent Jessica Faust on the importance of being professional --It can be so hard to do, especially when it feels like everything rotten that could possibly happen has happened, or is happening, but, as Jessica says, "So, while it’s understandable that you will, at times, be frustrated, try not to always share it with everyone."

Pimp My Novel on the difference between frontlist and backlist titles--if you want to be in publishing, either as an agent, editor, author, what-have-you, this is the kind of stuff you need to know.

Author Charles Stross on how books are made--if you read only one like today, make it this one, and be sure to check out the production workflow, which is very detailed and covers everything from scheduling to print runs to shipping. In short, if you're looking for how a book goes from manuscript to being an actual book, this is what you want to read.

Excellent post about cover art--"Money disappears very quickly in this industry. Which is where cover art comes in. It is the single most important decision in selling books. The casual customer is led – nearly always, when they don’t know the author – by cover art. It’s the first thing they’ll see. And they buy the book with money, which pays the wages of lots of people. The right cover feeds lots of publishers and authors and keeps people very happy indeed."

Responding to negative feedback--It's quite a long post, but keep an eye out for the part about Alex Scarrow, and how he responded to someone who felt his books were not for them. (I'll give you a hint: he was very, very polite and respectful. In other words, class act all the way!)

Yet another way to trash your writing career--decide you don't need to be edited anymore

Great post over at Genreality about falling into the comparison trap

Finally, with all the back-and-forth that's been going on about e-books, it's important to remember that while sales of e-books *are* growing, they still account for only a tiny percentage of books sold--although, interestingly enough, the number of books (and yes, I mean print books!) bought online is rising. The always wonderful Tess Gerritsen talks about it here


Blogger barbrafl said...

Great post :) I love real books, though, I can't imagine using ebooks constanting, they frustrate me.

March 02, 2010 7:38 AM  

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