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Monday, March 29, 2010

Well, this weekend my husband, who checks my sales ranking for The Unwritten Rule on amazon and barnesandnoble.com a lot (how much? let's just say I never need to do it!), was talking to me about my contest, and when I got done telling him about how I'd thrown in a second book if the book broke the 1000 mark at both amazon and barensandnoble.com he said, "Well, you know, your book broke way past 1000 at B&N.com while you were in NYC, so I don't see why it couldn't happen again.")

He was right--the below 1000 drop happened on March 17th, and he even sent me a picture of it, which I stared at and stared at. (And then shrieked in glee, which, thankfully, no one else heard!)

This, btw, is the picture (thank you, kind husband!):

So, long story short, I came up with the idea of trying to get the book below 1000 in both places after that and changed the contest accordingly, and then, this weekend, he pointed out that when the book had a sales ranking of 1000 or below on Barnes and Noble.com it not only got as he put it "way cheaper" but that the under 1000 ranking held there for a while (instead of the ten or so minutes I got when the book was, very briefly, at 1000 on amazon right when it came out) and that, when a book gets cheaper, more people buy it because it costs so much less, so "Why not make it so people get two books if the ranking drops below 1000 at only *one* online bookstore?"

In other words, my husband pointed out something I hadn't ever thought about--instead of trying to get under 1000 at both barnesandnoble.com and amazon--why not focus on just getting below 1000 at one? He suggests barnesandnoble.com.**

So what the heck does this mean for you???

If you buy a copy of The Unwritten Rule at your fave local bookstore or online at barnesandnoble.com or amazon.com and the book drops to 1000 or below at either amazon.com OR barnesandnoble.com any time from now, March 29th until the contest ends at April 6th at midnight EST, then when you send me your receipt, you'll get TWO free hardcover YA novels.** (And, as always, full contest details can be found here)

Moving on (see, told you I got schooled!), I've got some great links to share:

Adele, who runs the fabulous blog Persnickety Snark, is conducting a survey to find out the top ten young adult novels of ALL time. (I went with ten of my fave YA books by non-US authors that I feel didn't/don't get enough love (or will never even get published here!)) So, go here and name your all-time young adult novel faves!!

Pimp My Novel on why it takes time for a book to be published -- a lovely, concise look into how the publishing industry works.

Editorial Anonymous tackles reader questions , why it can be hard for non-US books to find a US publisher, It's an auction! Or not., why there seems to be so many "rules" for submissions, and on how YA horror novels are dead -- Wow! EA's been busy!!

Agent Jessica Faust answers questions about submitting a partial and discusses the slush pile. She also links to a great article about slush in Publishers Weekly

Dear Author has several reports on the new iPad e-book pricing--first here and then here

The Dystel & Goderich Agency on three publishing misconceptions

Author John Scalzi answers reader questions about writers and depression and various "writery bits"

Finally, a great list of things authors SHOULD do -- if you read only one link, make it this one. And then print it out and keep it. It's great, solid advice--and all in one handy place!

**My husband has also instructed me to add that, as I mentioned earlier, he thinks barnesandnoble.com is the best place to buy The Unwritten Rule so that it will drop below 1000 and you'll get two free young adult hardcover novels-- he has a whole explanation of why, but I don't get it. However, if there's one thing he does get, it's online book rankings. How--well, see that picture up there? He knows his stuff. Which is why he's the best husband ever!)


Blogger barbrafl said...

YAY! Congrats Elizabeth Scott! So does this mean that if it remains below 1000 at B&N at the end of the contest, even the people who have already sent in receipts and gotten their book will get a second?

Great contest!! Love things like this, so exciting :)

March 29, 2010 5:08 PM  

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