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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I'm back from New York, and while it was a real honor to be part of the NYC Teen Author Festival with so many amazing authors, the best part of the whole thing was meeting all of you who either came to see me speak on the panel or came to the signing at Books of Wonder--I mean, talk about WOW! I'd met some of you before, but I also met a bunch of you for the first time and I have to say, YOU make writing worth it. Thank you so much!!

I also have some news about The Unwritten Rule--as those of you who came to BOW know, the book still isn't in stock in certain places. (Most Barnes and Noble stores and some indie bookstores don't have the book. But! You can find it at both Borders and Books-A-Million and in Wal-Mart Super Centers)

I've checked in with Simon Pulse again and I've been told that the book really and truly IS on its way to B&N and those indies that don't have it and will be in *all* bookstores soon.

However! Since the book has proven so hard to find in Barnes and Noble stores/certain indies--and for those of you who came to BOW just to get it, I am SO sorry they didn't have it--I've decided to extend the Celebrate The Unwritten Rule contest. You now have until Tuesday, April 6th to buy the book either online OR in a bookstore and send me your receipt* for your FREE hardcover YA novel. The full contest details are here

And I come back bearing one other thing--loads of links!! Here they are:

Agent Kristin Nelson answers more reader questions here and here--topics cover everything from query letters to an author wanting to change genres to when is the best time for a first-time novelist to debut

So, you've found a publisher for your book, and they want "camera-ready copy"--what does that mean? (I'll give you a hint: RUN!)

Agent Rachelle Gardner answers questions she gets asked most often *and* tackles the question on every writer's mind: How Long?????

Great blog post about writing what you DON'T know--"And then you won’t have to write only about growing up in Orange County, or what a jerk your partner is, or what a jerk you are, or any of the other stuff that makes up most people’s lives."

Two thoughtful posts about writing when you're dealing with grief, stress, or any of the things life can throw at us.--"My point is this: Every writer here at SFNovelists will tell you that the best way to improve your craft and increase your chances of being published, is to write. Write regularly, write as often as possible. But every one of us will also tell you that sometimes you can’t do it."

Agent and author Nathan Bransford on the secret of a great query letter. He's also got up an interesting post on something I can very much relate to: having no confidence in your writing (turns out, it may not be such a bad thing!)

Editorial Ass on Do You Really Want To Be Published? -- There's a lot of really good stuff in this one, and a link to Aprilynne Pike's post about the importance of examining your goals *before* you start trying to be published. (Her point about mid-list authors not usually moving to bestseller status made me wince but...well, I hope I can prove that it can happen!)

Pimp My Novel on why how well a book sells is largely out of your control -- it's a great entry, and all very true. And really, in the end, you know what sells books better than anything else? People buying one, reading it, and then liking it enough to tell their friends to go out and read it. Word of mouth is the *best* sales tool around.

Editorial Anonymous on hooks and thoughts on Dean Wesley Smith's blog post about agents and editors (The blog post by Dean Wesley Smith is here)

The INTERN on why authors can't read your work

Justine Larbalestier on writing as career vs. writing as identity--"Writing as a career can be brought to an end by many different factors almost all of which are outside our control...That’s why it’s always been so important to me to keep my sense of myself as a writer separate from my career as a novelist. All I have to do to believe in myself as a writer is to write the best I can.If I depended on getting published for that then my sense of myself is at the mercy of other people."

Must read post over at Genreality on choosing to leave a publisher -- this is something I've *never* seen talked about openly online before and I'm glad Carrie Vaughn has done this. (Kudos to you, Carrie!)

*receipt--if you order the book online, you must send me the receipt that comes when you get the book. Confirmation emails aren't receipts, and won't be counted as such.


Blogger L.J. Boldyrev said...

Great links! It was a pleasure to meet you at BOW, Gayle introduced us over by the front display. Shame they didn't have the book in stock. I don't have a walmart, or a Books-a-Million or a Borders over on the island, but I'll get it somewhere!

March 23, 2010 10:15 AM  
Blogger Elizabeth Scott said...

Hi L.J.--it was lovely to meet you too! And about BOW--I am so sorry they didn't have the book there!

As for no walmart, borders, or bam--The Unwritten Rule should be showing up in all B&N stores and the indies that don't have it by the beginning of next week at the latest.

And I'll definitely keep everyone updated, of course :-)

March 23, 2010 12:10 PM  

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