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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

To answer some questions I got yesterday:

--If The Unwritten Rule does drop below 1000 on either barnesandnoble.com or amazon before April 6th at midnight EST, then yes, everyone who entered the contest will get a second free hardcover young adult novel, even people who have already sent in their receipt and gotten their free book. (It's only fair, right? And for those of you on the mailing list-it goes for you too, but remember that tomorrow is the deadline to get your receipt in for for your special mailing-list only prize!)*

--The Unwritten Rule is starting to show up in Barnes and Noble stores (YAY!) but if you can't find it in your local B&N, please let me know what state you live in so I can let my publisher know. (So far, as best I can tell, it appears to be showing up in the Northeast and then moving down and out across the rest of the country)

I think that covers all the questions, but let me know if there's anything else, okay?

On to the links:

Editorial Ass on How Do I Get Into Publishing? -- for those of you who want to be editors, in-house publicists, and so on, check this one out. (Editorial Ass also has a longer entry about breaking into the world of publishing here )

Agent Jessica Faust on query formatting

Pimp My Novel has another great blog post up about co-op, this one focusing mostly on on-line co-op and questions authors can have their agents ask.

The INTERN wonders if some publishers are "easier" to sell to -- "But at the end of the day, the ease or difficulty involved in getting published anywhere depends on the quality and/or marketability of the project (d'oh!). You can drive around the neighborhood for hours scoping out your dream home, but if all you have is the key to the gas station bathroom (and the germy wooden spoon that was supposed to prevent you from taking it) you can't use it to unlock the castle door. "

Over at Genreality, Carrie Vaughn has a follow up to her wonderfully honest post about leaving her publisher (for those of you who missed the link to original entry when I posted it before, you can read it here)

Author Megan Crane/Caitlin Crews on why hitting the wall isn't such a bad thing -- "Books are funny. They are so very rarely what you think they'll be. This is my fifteenth book and do you know what I've learned?...The hows and the whys and the walls? They're different every time. I'm guessing that's why I still love doing it, all these words and walls and frustrated afternoons later.

Nathan Bransford on You Can't Make Something A Phenomenon -- with a comment and agreement from Editorial Anonymous here

* I feel I should point out that my husband says that based on what he saw from my rankings yesterday, he feels that The Unwritten Rule isn't going fall below 1000 at either online bookstore again. Sorry. (But hey, if he's proven wrong, he says he'll be the first person cheering! And he'll help me send out all the book I'll owe...)


Blogger Hannah said...

Your husband IS super sweet!
And unfortunately, during my last trip to B&N, I couldn't find The Unwritten Rule anywhere!! That was a few days ago, though, so maybe they have them now?
Whether they have it or not, I'll get it soon. :)
Love, Hannah

March 30, 2010 6:41 PM  

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