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Monday, April 19, 2010

Congrats to twentyxfragments, Kelsey, I Heart Book Gossip, Hannah, Tricia, Kathleen Liz, and mismikado for each winning a free young adult novel from last week's "talking about food" contest--which, I have to say, is now one of my all time fave entries because just reading it makes my food-crazed mind go to a happy place!

However, there were several other comments I *adored*--but the people who left them didn't leave an email address and their blogs--if they had one--had no contact info. Please remember that if you don't leave me a way to get in touch with you, I can't let you know if you've won a contest!

Moving on, PAYA is having another auction this year to raise money for Pennsylvania's libraries, and I've donated a signed copy of The Unwritten Rule--but not just a regular signed copy! It's the one I've used for all my readings so far, so it's marked up with all sort of notes and scribbles--trust me, it's definitely one of a kind (and I'm going to miss it, but it's going for a great cause!) Please check out the auction here.

And today I've got loads of links:

Author Hallie Ephron on writing advice

This has been posted a bunch, but it really is hilarious--from The New York Times, A Tax Form for the Marginally Employed (Special Deductions for Freelancers)

Author Debra Garfinkle on troubleshooting five potential writing problems

From Writer Unboxed, Anna Elliott on her writing crisis point -- "Every writer is different, but for me, I hit 30,000 words and like clockwork realize that I’m going to have to scrap a sizable chunk of what I’ve written and start all over again.

But you know what? I’m beginning to think that’s actually a good thing."

A look at one the industry's best known and most respected agents, Jodi Reamer (including a link about querying her from one of her clients)

From Dystel & Goderich Literary Management, a really lovely post about authors helping other authors

Agent Jessica Faust points out that hey, guess what? Agents want to make a living--and the way they do that? Selling books to publishers.

Author Nicola Morgan tackles the question of how long a book should be

Editorial Anonymous answers reader questions

Totally unrelated, but well, it's no secret I like food--check out these mini-ice-cream-cookie-cups that won the 44th Pillsbury Bake-Off! (The million-dollar winning (yep, that's right!) recipe is here)