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Thursday, April 22, 2010

It's been a good week out in the blog world for links...

Acclaimed Australian author Margo Lanagan on NOT writing--"Tiring of your own voice can happen when, because you’re so darn regular and dutiful in your writing habits, your writing rate overtakes your generation-of-ideas rate. Lots of writers are very fierce about the notion of applying your bum to a chair on a regular basis, and they’re not entirely wrong. There is a time for regular bum-application—when you’re partway through a draft or a revision of a novel, you have to work steadily. You need to keep the entire novel and all its offshoots uploaded to your mind for a sustained period, if you want the story to have integrity at the end.

But there’s also a time for running around outside, or partying-and-then-sleeping-in, or having a glut of reading for several weeks, or just moping off to the day-job and back. There are times, and they’re more frequent than a lot of people like to admit, when it’s a bad idea to sit down, set your jaw and force yourself once again to your story."

Dystel & Goderich Literary Management on the importance of timing in publishing, censorship--and their first line contest--the deadline for the first line contest is today, and the winner gets their manuscript read by Jim McCarthy!

Pimp My Novel on has a poll up about e-books--will they democratize publishing?

Over at Writer Unboxed, why your characters need to suffer

Agent Jessica Faust on the problem of having an agent request your manuscript, and then you hear...nothing

Editorial Anonymous on whether or not you should mention you had your novel looked at by a professional editor when you query

Awesome picture of how famous authors wrote --- Let's just say some authors had very unique ways of writing. Plus the picture really is super cool.

Agent and author Nathan Bransford on the science of buzz (I personally think buzz comes down to two things, neither of which authors have any control over: $$ spent by the publisher on marketing the book/author and word of mouth--what do you think?)

Oh, author smackdown! -- My fave, I think, is Nabokov's opinion of Hemingway's work. Ouch!

Author Patricia Wood on how she revises

Heard of Mary Sue and wondered who/what she is, and why people hate her so much? Check out Salon's excellent article on Mary Sue -- "What irks readers about Mary Sues is that telltale whiff of an ulterior motive. Instead of contributing to the seamless fictional experience readers want from a book, this character, they sense, is really a daydream the author is having about herself. It's an imposition, being unwittingly enlisted in somebody else's narcissistic fantasy life, like getting flashed in the park. And just about as much fun."

Okay, these sound delicious! Dulce-de-leche-profiteroles

Finally, I'm thrilled to say that on May 1st, I'll be in Alabama at the Gadsen Geek Fest with authors like Chris Crutcher, Barry Lyga, and more--so if you live near Gadsen, be sure to come by--not only are their author talks and signings, there's music, food, prizes--in short, everything you could want!!


Blogger Alexa said...

Thanks, as always, for the links! One of them is exactly what I need to read at the moment!

April 22, 2010 9:56 AM  
Blogger twentyxfragments said...

I love how you are now including more food stuff on this blog! Yay! :D

April 22, 2010 9:22 PM  

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