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Monday, April 26, 2010

I'm packing for NJLA tomorrow (yay!) but I'm also thinking about packing for my trip to Gadsen for the Geek Fest this weekend. Looks like I'll have to check the bag with my clothes in it, as my purse and laptop equal the two carry-on bags I'm allowed.

Okay, before I go back to packing (and working on my copy edits, just in case my editor peeks in!!) I've got some links:

Author Laini Taylor offers her thoughts on plot (it's a three part series, and here is part two and part three)

Agent Jessica Faust on the importance of treating every query like it's your first

Agent, author, and former editor Betsy Lerner on blurbs, what to do when you have a query that's getting you lots of manuscript requests--but no offers, and titles

Over a Genreality, a great post about the importance of saving your work -- as someone who once lost an entire short story, I learned the hard way not only to frequently hit save while I'm writing, but when I'm done with the day's work, I not only save it, but email it to a gmail account I've set up just for keeping drafts, and put it on a flash drive. Overkill? Maybe, but let me tell you, having copies of your drafts can be VERY helpful.

Last week, I posted a link to a blog entry by Margo Lanagan on not writing, and today I've got a link to Permission To Take A Break --"Putting words on paper is only part of the writing process, don’t make it your master."

Great article about how libraries decide to purchase books

One of the things I learned when I was reading about cook-offs for The Unwritten Rule is that a lot of them now require that you use specific packaged products (pre-made cookie dough, shredded cheese, pre-made pizza dough, boxed cake or brownie mixes, etc)--and, interestingly enough, that wasn't always the case. So kudos to Gold Medal Flour for their Scratch Baker's Club Contest!


Blogger Morgan said...

I hope you have fun at NJLA tomorrow! Thank you for posting all these wonderful links, I'm going to check them out right now.

April 26, 2010 6:58 PM  

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