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twitter chat!, Alabama visit--YAY!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

First, I'm thrilled to say that I'm going to be the first author to ever do a readergirlz twitter chat! I'll be chatting on twitter at 9 PM EST/ 6 PM PST on this coming Monday, May 3rd, and I hope you'll all come by and ask me loads of questions! You can find me on twitter at escottwrites and come 9 PM EST/6 PM PST on Monday, I'll be looking for--and answering--all your questions!

Second, I'm going to Alabama! I'll be in Gadsdsen *this* Saturday, May 1st at the 2010 Geek Fest, and I hope to see loads of you there--it'll be my first time visiting Alabama, and I can't wait!

I also have some links to share:

Over at Writer Unboxed, there's an interesting blog post about creating and deepening characters

And at Genreality, check out Anatomy of an Agent Search

Agent Kristin Nelson on offering your work for free

Pimp My Novel on some terms every aspiring writer, editor, and agent need to know--right of first refusal and non-compete clauses -- seriously, if you don't know these terms, please read these excellent posts because they are very important things everyone should know about.

Agent Jessica Faust breaks down why she's rejected query letters and wonders about Internet presence--and the importance of making sure that what you've got out there are things you're okay with everyone--even potential publishers or agents--seeing

Could this be the best recipe for chocolate cupcakes EVER? (They certainly look--and sound--pretty amazing!)

Finally, as some of you know, I did a lot of research about cook-offs/amateur cooking competitions when I was writing The Unwritten Rule, and while I learned a lot about contesters (people whose hobby/profession is entering cook-offs/amateur cooking competitions) I didn't learn a lot about what it was like to judge a cook-off. And look what I found? A blog post from a judge in the Crisco 2010 National Pie Championships. So cool!

Oh! And thank you all SO much for the kind words about the paperback release of Love You Hate You Miss You--you all are the BEST!!!