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Monday, April 05, 2010

Don't forget you've got until tomorrow, Tuesday the 6th, at midnight EST to email a picture of your receipt for The Unwritten Rule to elizabethscottcontest@gmail.com so you can get your FREE hardcover YA novel.*

Ever wonder what a P&L is, or FOS, or MSS, or TPO? Then you need to check out Pimp My Novel's very handy list of Terms to Know

How to find an agent
-- straightforward and practical

Over at Genreality, Candace Havens posts about looking back and expectations -- "I thought when I sold that first book that was it. The truth is, that’s when the work really begins...The best advice I can give you after that first sell, is to expect the unexpected."

Pimp My Novel, past the April Fool's day joke, posts some good news about Borders -- for more info, there's also an article here

Editorial Anonymous on the value of having an editor critique an manuscript during a writer's conference/convention and royalties -- I especially like the royalties entry

Agent Jennifer Jackson offers some more query stats and is also running a poll about how long it takes you to write a novel and how long you work on your query letter

Finally, here I am, talking about three things I wish I'd know before I'd gotten published for the YA Rebels

*And since I won't be up till midnight on the 6th, you've basically got till I wake up on Wednesday, the 7th, to get those receipts in! :-)