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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My fourth video blog for the readergirlz can be found here--and if you watch and comment, you could win a set of *all* my published books, including the upcoming Grace (which I'd send to you when it come out in September)

It's been a huge honor to be the Author in Residence at readergirlz, and I've loved getting to know every member of the team. But! I'm thrilled to say that although I've done my last video blog as an Author in Residence, I'm still going to be part of readergirlz--they were kind enough to ask me to join the team of readergirlz divas, and I gladly accepted. I'm now the readergirlz author liaison, which means I take care of coordinating author visits for the readergirlz and let me tell you, there are some great author visits coming up (John Green, Ally Carter...see, told you they were great!)

Before I get to the links, I also wanted to remind you to tell me about your favorite food/place to eat--you stand to win up to two FREE young adult novels just for doing so and hey, it's talking about food! Who doesn't love that? So head on over here and share YOUR thoughts!

Okay, now on to the links:

Dystel & Goderich Literary Management on building a client and wondering why (some) authors fail (a riff on the excellent blog post below...)

A great--if at times, hard to read because it's so true--blog post on Why (Some) Authors Fail

Agent Kristin Nelson answers more reader questions

From the Book Deal--what authors need to know about bookstore visibility

Agent and author Nathan Bransford on willpower--"But there's only one way to actually do it: BIC. Powering through when you want to stop, blocking out days on the calendar when there are more fun things you could be doing, staring at the pad or screen early mornings and late nights, and most of all, setting aside your doubts along the way."

From agent Jessica Faust, a post about agent workload and one about getting reviews

Pimp My Novel asks if editors should get a percentage of a book's overall sales (Riffing off an article that appeared here)

Genreality on Technology Marches On--or one author's experience with electronic copy edits. I've done them once, and they went fine--except the file got corrupted (!) so I had to go over the page proofs very carefully.

Agent Rachelle Gardener on a topic that strike fear into the heart of just about every writer I know--The Tax Man Comenth -- There's some good, solid tips about money in the post, so if you've ever wondered about writing and taxes, you'll want to check this post out.

And don't forget, if you live in the NYC area, come see me and a bunch of other amazing YA authors read tonight at the Jefferson Market Branch of the NYPL starting at 6 PM!


Blogger Genevieve said...

I heard that the reading last night went well! : )

April 15, 2010 2:06 PM  
Blogger Elizabeth Scott said...

Thanks Genevieve! It was so much fun to read with so many amazing authors :-)

April 17, 2010 10:15 AM  

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