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NYC YAY! (Teen Author Carnival, BEA, Book Blogger Reception!!)

Monday, May 24, 2010

I'm headed up to NYC this week for BEA, but today I'll be at the Teen Author Carnival!

It starts at 5 PM at the Jefferson Market Branch of the NYPL, and there are going to be so many AMAZING authors there that if you live in the area, you should totally come by--there are going to be panels and candy and giveaways!! (And the author list really *is* amazing--I'm so excited I'm going to be surrounded by famous people!)

Also! Congrats go to last week's contest winners: Jessica, Brooke, Jacqueline C., Lisa, and Nikki

And just so my BEA schedule is up in one place so you know where to find me this week, here it is:

On Wednesday, May 26th, I'll be signing copies of The Unwritten Rule in booth 3484 from 1:30-2:00 PM.

I'll also be attending the Book Blogger Convention Author Reception on Thursday, May 27th, starting at 4 PM.

Grace galleys will be available ONLY by request at booth 3540 -- and ONLY until they run out.

Finally, if you get a chance, stop by the YA paranormal panel on Wednesday, May 26th at 11 AM on the Downtown Stage--Holly Black, Richelle Mead, Andrea Cremer, and Ivy Devlin will all be there! (I happen to know Ivy *very* well--in fact, she'll be wearing sneakers just like the ones that are Sarah's favorites in The Unwritten Rule, which I think is awesome!

Ivy will also be signing copies of her new YA paranormal romance, Low Red Moon, on Thursday, May 27th, from 11 AM-12 PM in booth 4051


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