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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

This has been one of those weeks for me--those of you who saw my video for the latest BEA giveaway will know what I'm talking about--it's like my head is stuff with cotton.

Okay, more cotton that usual. (!!)

Luckily, other people have been creating interesting and very informative blog posts that are totally worth checking out on a whole range of subjects:

Want to know more about lead titles? Pimp My Novel has a great entry about what they are--and what it means for you, as an author, if you get one--and what do you know--a post from April Henry, who has a YA coming out (Girl, Stolen) that is one of Holt's lead fall titles, and who talks about what having a lead title is like

A year in the life of a debut author from agent and author Mandy Hubbard -- A very frank look at what really happens to just about every first-time author (there are, of course, always exceptions!)

Why book titles are changed

A freelance editor looks at ten publishing myths -- pay close attention to number 10, okay? I can't tell you how many authors I've read discussing quitting their jobs and well--the only reason I can afford to write full-time is that my husband has a good job and decent health insurance. If he didn't have either of those things, I would be back at work in a second because earning enough to live on as a writer? Hard, especially when you can wait for years (yep, years) to get paid. (Advances are most commonly split into three parts now--one part on signing, one part on "acceptance" (after revisions, and as the book goes to copy editing) and then one on publication, which means if you sell a book and it takes eighteen months to publish, you're looking at almost two years before you see the last of your advance money. And, of course, don't forget that you have to pay quarterly taxes as well.)

Great reminder about what matters most in books

Over at Genreality, a good list of common writing mistakes

And a bunch of posts on revising--two from Maggie .Stiefvater, and one from Allison Winn Scotch -- I love what Scotch says about revision, but this in particular, is, IMO, so, SO true: "It’s starting with your skeleton, and being willing to smash it and piece it back together. Revising isn’t as glamorous as writing the first draft, and to be honest, it’s probably less fulfilling on some sort of emotional level, that one that is so gratifying when you reach the last page. But of all the things you do for your book, I’d argue that it’s the most important. Don’t neglect it, even when – and I speak from experience – that sixth draft feels like it might kill you."

What does it take to be an agent?

Agent and author Betsy Lerner on types of clients,dialogue in memoirs, and having a potential client sign with someone else

Tess Gerristsen address a subject most writers I know have had to deal with: buying clothes that aren't what you slob around the house in because, as she puts it, "Not a single outfit I owned was Angie Worthy. I imagined myself onstage with the svelte and stylish Ms. Harmon as the audience titters: 'Who's that lumberjack in the flannel shirt standing next to her?'"

Three things to keep in mind when writing
--nothing fancy here, but solid and awesome advice.

And speaking of awesome, guess what? Agent Jennifer Laughran points out that there is always a market for it.

From Dystel & Goderich Literary Management--make sure you always read your contract before you sign it

This is one of the most interesting writing advice posts I've seen

Author Lynn Viehl on physical and creative fatigue--"If you're not interested in becoming the next writer to flame-out, I believe you have to set some limits and boundaries in order to protect yourself and the work. Fortunately there's a single, amazingly powerful word that I use all the time that does it for me: No."

Related to Lynn's post is Kate Elliott's fantastic post on burnout--and yes, I have linked to it before, but yes, it's *that* good.

Finally, because how often do you see this?? Airline food that's...well, frankly, pretty freaking fantastic-looking! (And sounds yummy too!!)