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quick set of links and a secret

Monday, July 26, 2010

I've got some great links today:

Diana Peterfreund on how it really doesn't matter what audience you think your book is for--it matter what audience your agent--and the acquiring editor--thinks it will fit best

Genreality has a great post about writing conferences -- there's some great tips here!

Author Jennifer Hubbard has a great post up about why writers need thick skin --"Rejection and negative feedback are part of the process and they can even be helpful, and we need to handle them with professionalism and maturity. And if you get to the point where they don't bother you, that's wonderful. But if they do bother you, don't add to the pain by trying to force yourself not to care."

Ever been dying to write--but yet been afraid too? So has just about everyone else

John Scalzi has some very interesting thoughts on why there is less advice available for authors who are mid-career (he defines that as being in the business for five or more years--that means I have two more to go...eek!)

You must read this, if only for the title alone: I wrote a book because I didn't have enough to do

Agent Jessica Faust on silly bandz--and books

And one last thing--this week will have guest blogs by not one, but two best-selling authors...plus free books!!