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Between Here and Forever

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Today is the official release date for Between Here and Forever, and although it's been in stores for a while, I just had to say how thrilled I am to be sharing Abby's story with you, and that if you read the book I hope you enjoy it!

Also, the book is still only $9.99 (basically pb price!!) at both Amazon and Barnes and Noble

To celebrate the release of Between Here and Forever, I'll be at BEA today, surrounded by books and those who love them--what could be better than that?

And don't forget that if you are in NYC, I'll be doing the following events:

May 25th (tomorrow!)--I'll be signing at BEA in Booth 3774 starting at 10:30 AM--supplies are going to be quite limited, so be sure to get there early!

May 27th--I'm going to be on a Speed Dating panel at the Book Blogger Convention! I'll be on starting at 1 PM in Javits on the first floor of Hall E in room 1E15

New York City visits, YAY! Also, mailing list news...

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Wonderful mailing list members, you should find a message from me in your inbox later this afternoon (and although I'm now using a mailing list service, if it's not your inbox, check you spam folder to see if it's there)

Now, on to New York City! I'm going to be doing a bunch of things in the next week, and if you live in the area, I hope to see you at least once!

May 22st--Teen Author Panel at Books of Wonder starting at 1 PM--and yes, you will be able to purchase Between Here and Forever then!

May 23rd-Teen Author Carnival with loads of awesome YA authors at the Mulberry Branch of the NYPL starting at 4 PM--seriously, take a look at the line-up! Plus there will be candy and books as well!

May 25th--I'll be signing at BEA in Booth 3774 starting at 10:30 AM--supplies are going to be quite limited, so be sure to get there early!

May 27th--I'm going to be on a Speed Dating panel at the Book Blogger Convention! I'll be on starting at 1 PM in Javits on the first floor of Hall E in room 1E15 and I hope to meet loads of you!

Also, although Between Here and Forever isn't officially "out" until Tuesday, I've seen it in my local bookstore AND Amazon and Barnes and Noble are still selling it for only $9.99! To buy it from Amazon, click here, and for Barnes and Noble, click here.

And, of course, I have links to share:

I thought this was pretty cute: The Kindle Killer

Agent Rachelle Gardner with more on difficult conversations, this time on a more personal level

Thanks to Dear Author, I got this great link to someone showing how they'd visually explain what a Kindle is to Charles Dickens

Agent Jennifer Laughran on why agents don't take on books that are similar to ones they are already representing--"Think complementary, not competing!"

Interesting post from The Intern on "Universals"

A blog post on Amazon and Bookscan's author partnership--although Bookscan is crazily inaccurate in many cases, it's the standard for the publishing industry so as an author, you have to be prepared to deal with it (and hope your publisher gives you more accurate information!)

Tips for how to deal with those times when you're having trouble starting writing

How about kicking back and relaxing with Churro Cupcakes with Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting? Or perhaps a nice batch of Streusel Oreo Muffins?

still 9.99!! Also, Rochester ROCKS!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

First, the Rochester TBF? AMAZING. Seriously. It's like the rock star of teen book festivals. I took some video of the opening session, which was an all-author Q&A session but just realized I shot it UPSIDE DOWN. Typical.

After that, I got to do panels with THE Melissa de la Cruz (pic of me trying not to be too fangirl here) and, of course, the best part of all, talking to so many of YOU!

Also, Simon Pulse was awesome enough to let TBF sell copies of Between Here and Forever and it was so cool to see it--and even better still, to see people with it and excited to read it!

For those of you who weren't at Rochester, both Amazon and Barnes and Noble are still selling Between Here and Forever for 9.99! It's crazy cheap, and I LOVE it! (And I hope you all pre-order copies, but then, I expect you're not surprised by that :-)

Finally, before I get to the links--mailing list members, expect a message on Thursday with a special contest just for you!

Now, it's link time:

Agent Jennifer Laughran on word counts -- A nice breakdown of what's standard for everything from picture books to YA

Agent Rachelle Gardner on having difficult conversations with clients: part one and part two

The Intern on How to Revise (When You'd Rather Just Drink)

Rochester, here I come! (Also, Between Here and Forever for under $10--yes, really!!)

Thursday, May 12, 2011

I'm super excited because this Saturday, I'm going to be in Rochester, New York at the 6th Annual Greater Rochester Teen Book Festival--there are so many amazing authors that are going to be there--and!--I'm going to be on a panel with Melissa de la Cruz who you all know I adore. I'm going to try really hard not to fangirl too much :-)

I'll do my best to tweet about the event (I'm on twitter as escottwrites) and hopefully I'll be able to have photos too!

Okay, I know what you're waiting for so I'm bringing the links!


Before we get to them, I have to tell you this: Between Here and Forever is now available at both Amazon and Barnes and Noble for 9.99--pretty much paperback price! I don't know how long it'll stay this way, so if you want a copy for cheap, I'd go for it now! *

Now it's link time:

The Intern on revising and The 14 Stages of Critique Acceptance

Agent Rachelle Gardner on multi-book contracts

Author Tiffany Trent has a slam-bang of a post about writing, agents, e-books, and the realities of being published--if you read only one link out of all of these, make it this one

Pimp My Novel isn't surprised that adult mass market paperback sales are dropping

Nice piece about writers and dreaming (I think most of you know my stance on it!)

From the Washington Post, a very balanced article about the e-book boom

This is an older link, but as it looks like Apple is going to go forward with this, you might want to check out this article about using third part applications on Apple devices--like, say Kindle for your iPad

Things most definitely aren't going well for Borders -- I don't want them to disappear!!

Over at Genreality, a wonderful post about the roller coaster ride that is publishing

What can stop a story's flow?

*for feeds that strip out links the 9.99 (!) copies of Between Here and Forever at Amazon: http://amzn.to/lhna4J and at Barnes and Noble: http://bit.ly/jBxpEa

wait, are those links I see??

Monday, May 09, 2011

This blog post is going up a bit late but it's because I just had a fabulous Skype school visit/chat!

OH! And I got news that Between Here and Forever made Amazon's YA Summer Reading List! (And is now available for less than $10!!)*

Now, the links:

Writer Unboxed on why writers need to have (very) thick skins and symbolism (with a shout-out to the wedding that yes, I got up at 5 AM and watched live and no, I'm not sorry I did. I watch Charles and Diana get married live too and it was just-the first one looked like a fairytale and this one looked like two people who knew each other's souls)

Anyway, back to Writer Unboxed and the flip side of self-promotion--be sure to check this one out, as I think it's spot on.

Dear Author has a great post about the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books

Also from Dear Author--looks like there will be new Kindles and Nooks soon...

From the Dystel & Goderich blog: How do writers stay strong?--be sure to check the comments.

Also check out this great post on ten things to avoid--or do--in your query letter

Agent Rachelle Gardener wonders if authors need Skype (I am not great as using it, but I do love it!) and the importance of reading *and* reading in the genre you write in

Agent Kristin Nelson on the importance of checking royalty statements

One last part to Getting Published Is Not Enough from How Publishing Really Works

The Intern on plots and plotting

From Genreality, the importance of passion in your writing

Over at YA Outside the Lines, Holly Schindler blogs about her writing system--I don't know how she does it! If I even tried it, I'd probably end up in the hospital!

Also check out April Henry's advice for authors--Fake It Until You Make It

Fascinating story of a first book sale

Looks like it is truly the end of Borders, as a partial or total sale of the chain seems to be coming

Okay, after that Borders news, how about some chocolate chip cookie bark? Or perhaps you'd rather have triple chocolate cookies and cream peppermint bark?

Crossing my fingers for Borders...

for feeds that stip out links, you can get Between Here and Forever for under $10 here: http://www.amazon.com/Between-Here-Forever-Elizabeth-Scott/dp/141699484X/

May in New York, here I come!

Thursday, May 05, 2011

While you're entering the Beauty Queens ARC contest, check out the list of the following events I'll be at in NY and NYC through May--hope to see you at at least one of them!

May 14th--Rochester, NY at the Teen Book Festival with a ton of amazing author like Ellen Hopkins, Ally Carter, AND Melissa de la Cruz, who I'm doing a panel with. Melissa is SO much fun, so I know we're going to have a great time, and I hope to see you there!

May 22st--Teen Author Panel at Books of Wonder, NYC starting at 1 PM--and yes, you will be able to purchase Between Here and Forever then!

May 23rd-Teen Author Carnival with loads of awesome YA authors at the Mulberry Branch of the NYPL starting at 4 PM--seriously, take a look at the line-up! I want to be there too! Plus there will be candy and (fingers crossed!) books as well!

May 25th--I'll be signing at BEA in Booth 3774 starting at 10:30 AM--supplies are going to be quite limited, so be sure to get there early!*

May 27th--I'm going to be on a Speed Dating panel at the Book Blogger Convention! I'll be on starting at 1 PM (location TBA, although it'll be in Javits) and I hope to meet ALL of you!

I'm hoping that some more chances for me to meet YOU will pop up, so I'll be sure to keep you posted!

(As for ARCs of As I Wake, I'm sorry to report there will not be any at BEA. There may be some at ALA but those of you who want ARCs, I'd contact your Dutton/Penguin contact and see if you can get one...)

if it's Tuesday, it must be link day! Oh, and there's some LIBBA BRAY arcs too :-)

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Great post over at Writer Unboxed about the hardest part of being a writer -- "The hardest part of being a writer (IMHO) is not coming up with ideas, or hitting your word count, or breathing life into your characters. It’s trusting yourself. Believing in yourself. Being yourself, and being okay with that."

Agent Rachelle Gardner on Writing vs. Publishing, Having to Give Bad News, and Will Your First Novel Be Published?

The rest of that fab series from How Publishing Really Works: Getting Published Is Not Enough, part two and part three--both those who want to be published and those who are published should really take a look at these excellent posts.

Salon's Laura Miller interviews famed editor Robert Gottlieb--"Your job...is to be in sympathy with what the writer is doing and to try to help her or him make it better of what it is, not to make it into something else. Because that way there will be tears."

Agent Jennifer Laughran on swearing in young adult novels -- all I have to say about this one is YES!!

Revisit Wrier Unboxed for a story of writing what you are terrified to write

From Dear Author, a really fascinating look at how one author gets her ideas and her publishing journey -- I have a hard time writing about how I write, but I love reading about how other people do it!

So, you have this story. You've been plugging away at it, but it's just--well, it's just not working. Never fear, The Intern is here with a handy guide to breaking up with your story

The Intern also has ten reasons why you should rewrite that scene

From Story Tellers Unplugged, a post about the importance of holding on to your words--I admit I don't keep copies of my books (but my parents do)--but I do keep copies of every single draft I've done for every book I've written. And I keep not one, not two, but three backups. Trust me, once you lose one file, you become paranoid. (Although perhaps not as much as me :-)

Over at Genreality, What Are Your Reading Boundaries?

A post that had me nodding vigorously in agreement: A Different Take On Following The Writing Dream

So, it turns out that form rejections can be your friend

The always awesome Tess Gerritsen on the latest non-fiction writer (Greg Mortenson) who turned out to be a liar and on why this seems to be happening so often in Writers Who Lie--"And every time the truth is finally revealed, readers are outraged, publishers duck their heads in embarrassment, and everyone asks, "How could this happen?"

It happens because we want to believe uplifting stories of people who rise above their traumatic pasts. It happens because publishers don't have the resources to check the facts. It happens because the writers are talented enough to create a reality that seems like truth. These writers are such darn good liars that we can't help but believe them."

Agent Kristin Nelson on the art of requesting blurbs

Now, some food for thought: Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies or Chocolate Revel Bars? If could pick, I'd pick both!

Finally, my subject line did not lie--I have two ARCs of Libba Bray's upcoming Beauty Queens to give away!

For your chance to win you need to tell me what's the one book you know you'll be buying this May no matter what by this Friday, May 6th at midnight EST. (And yes, this contest is open internationally!) (And no, you don't have to say my book, either--I'm aware that there's some pretty great books coming out this month)