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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Lots of links to share:

From Genreality, a great post about what it's like the day after your novel comes out

Over at Pimp My Novel, a fab guest post on rejections

Pimp My Novel on Borders closing, and what it means to publishing

Over at YA Outside The Lines, they've been dishing out one gem after another, starting with Do What Works For You (to which I say, Amen!), That Middle Place (I swear, this could be, okay it SO is me: "And maybe...not stress so much? I've never tried this approach. It does not come naturally."), Writing As An Extreme Sport (I can't get over Lynsay Sands's schedule either!), and finally, a truly wonderful post about Borders closing and, in my mind, more importantly how utterly hard it can be for teenagers to find books to read--"However for the numerous subdivisions across the freeway, no public library exists. I actually offered extra credit last year for my seniors (the high school at which I’ve taught for the past number of years is also across the freeway) if they got and showed me a public library card. The vast majority did not have one until this motivated them to get one. At first this shocked me. Actually it still does. But freeways, as my husband the retail guy often reminds me, are like mountains. If you have to go that far to get to something, often you just don’t."

Writer Unboxed is also cranking out some interesting pieces: Reasons Why Your Online Marketing Doesn't Work, a feel-good post where best-selling authors talk about what keeps them writing, a knock-out post on characterization and one on the power of unplugging from the Internet


You got love recipes to beat the heat during a heat wave (featuring car-baked cookies!)

There's also Brown Butter and Brown Sugar Muffins and Butterfinger Oatmeal Cookies


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You have no idea how much i love ur link posts thankyou so much for sharing i read every single one

July 30, 2011 5:39 PM  

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