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Wednesday, February 01, 2012

I know, I've been away for a while and I've missed all of you so much! Here's what's going on:

I wasn't feeling really well during September, which is while I went offline, and when I went to ALAN in November (because there was NO way I was missing that), I basically staggered around a bit, did my panel and signing, then went home and collapsed.

For real. I got a concussion and everything.

Long story short, after some rest (because apparently recovering from a concussion can mess with blood test results), I went to see my doctor. She ran a lot of tests and told me to go see another doctor about my eyes, which had been painfully dry for months.

The eye doctor told me that my eyes weren't producing tears (in fact, one eye isn't making any tears at all) and that I had an infection in my eyes' oil glands. After I got done saying "Ewww!" (because, really, even though it isn't contagious, it explained why my eyes looked so awful) So, loaded up with prescriptions, me and my eyes went home.

Then I heard from my doctor. My red blood cells are--and this is a direct quote from my doctor--"floppy." (HUH??) Apparently it means they are too large. So I am on meds for that, and go back for more testing in March to see if I'm okay or if I have to go see a specialist.

To top if all off, when I went back to the eye doctor, my eye infection had actually gotten worse (I didn't say "Ewww! this time. I said another four letter word.) And so I got more medicine.

And that's where I am now. I'm really not able to go online much at all (I suppose that's obvious, huh? :-)

Hopefully, come March, my blood tests will be good and my eyes will be better. I've got my fingers crossed....

Miss you all SO much!